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Mr Simon Denley
Creative Arts & LOTE Coordinator

This year, similar to last, has been very challenging for students in the Creative Arts. With major works and performances being prepared both on and off-campus, our students have accepted the trials and tribulations of preparing their best work whilst we experienced such severe lockdowns and social isolation.
This is reflected, as is appropriate, in their work. We, as teachers, encourage and applaud our students as they discover their creative voices and make their artistic statements as emerging performers and artists.
The teaching staff have enabled and equipped our students with the skills and technical abilities to present works that best represent where they are on a lifelong artistic journey. I would personally like to thank the class teachers for their dedication and professionalism in the face of the restrictions and I congratulate the Year 12 Creative Arts students on their amazing achievements in 2021.
Well done to all and we hope that you enjoy the students' work.



Image by Yannis Papanastasopoulos